International Orders

Fukuikugama is small workshop with only one artisan, beautifully crafting every piece of art by hand. Without a storefront and market displays in Kyoto City only twice every year, owning Fukuikugama ceramics is unique indeed. Please feel free to contact us for direct orders or if you would like to order an item seen on our Instagram or website. Almost all items can be customized including special art on tea bowls, please do not hesitate to contact us in English.

Featured products

Our unique purple

This beautiful purple blend is a skill passed down from master to pupil. Currently only Mr. Murakami from Fukuikugama knows how to make this enchanting color.

Nanban Mishima

Nanban means “unglazed pottery” and Mishima refers to the technique of inlaying colors in ceramics. Their roughly made texture exemplifies the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

Tea bowls

In Japan, tea bowls are used during tea ceremony or as decorative displays of art. A reflection of the seasons, these bowls display the visual taste of the owner.